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Do right by nature

We've put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring that we consider the environment in all parts of our business. This starts with our printing and framing and covers how we deliver the finished product to you.

At the start of our journey, we wanted to find a printer and framer that cared about the environment as much as we do. We searched far and wide and decided to partner with Format Framing, based in Melbourne, Australia and we couldn't be happier.

We purposefully offer 3 standard size frames to align with Format Framing's mission to eliminate all off-cut wastage. All frames are handmade with a minimalist design and are built to last. Every finished artwork is produced to a museum standard, using archival giclee printing and protected with 3mm plexiglass - a shatter-proof alternative to glass which protects your print from UV rays and fading.

All of this means that your BEND print will last for over 100 years with proper care!


Sustainable Materials

All of our frames are produced from locally-sourced Victorian ash which has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC certification provides the highest level of protection for rare and endangered forests and wildlife of any existing forest certification scheme.

Our prints are all done with 300 gsm 100% cotton rag, which is considered to have the highest eco-friendly rating of photographic paper as it uses no tree fibres. Instead, it is sourced from a recycled by-product of the textile making process, and while the cotton industry can definitely be improved, it has a very low environment impact as no cotton is grown specifically to make paper.

Our frames are delivered in cartons comprised of 77% recycled content and 33% from FSC certified kraft fibres while we use Polycell EcoPure bubble wrap, which is a biodegradable alternative.

Just the start

sustainable innovation

When we came up with the idea for our modern wall calendar, we wanted it to leave a lasting impression. Most calendars today are single use, printed on low quality paper, and require repeat purchase of the entire piece including the hanging hardware.

We rethought things and designed the BEND calendar from scratch, focusing on reusability and reducing landfill. Using archival quality paper that is FSC certified while introducing perforation around the image, you can now tear away the date section once the month is done and breathe a second life into the print. We also built a custom, reusable hanger that you can keep for future years to display your BEND landscape photography!

And this is just the start. We are on a mission to not only create positive change in the photographic print industry but to one day transform BEND into a sustainable lifestyle brand. Stay tuned on things to come!

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Premium custom made

From capturing moments in nature, to hand building sustainable products, everything is made to order for you.


We're making it our mission to put nature first in all that we do, sourcing sustainable materials and packaging where possible.

Free Shipping Worldwide

We offer free shipping on all our products throughout Australia. We also ship our rolled prints and wall calendars worldwide, free of charge, for orders over $100.