See what's on the other side

Our Story

To those moments when you come to a bend in the road and think about turning around, but decide to see what's on the other side...

The idea for BEND was conceived during a life transition from Canada to Australia that began as a two year trip with a personal blog and evolved into a photographic journey built on adventure and finding that deeper connection to nature, almost a decade later.

BEND is proudly owned and operated by photographer, Shane Cartlidge, who has always been drawn to the natural world and brings the viewer into reflective moments by pairing landscape photography with written words. As an advocate for preserving the environment, Shane is continuously looking to adopt sustainable best-practices and this is reflected in BEND's drive to make fine art printing as sustainable as possible. We're not 100% there yet, but we're moving in the right direction!

When you shop at BEND, you are supporting the artist and this sustainability goal. Click here to find out more about our sustainable practices.

Curious to see what's on the other side? We are too, constantly! Now get out there and...



From capturing moments in nature, to hand building sustainable products, everything is made to order for you.


We're making it our mission to put nature first in all that we do, sourcing sustainable materials and packaging where possible.

Free Shipping Worldwide

We offer free shipping on all our products throughout Australia. We also ship our rolled prints and wall calendars worldwide, free of charge, for orders over $100.