Caring for your print

When you buy a print through BEND, we put in the effort to make sure it is archival fine art quality. Fine art paper is museum grade with beautiful texture, holding true colours while not yellowing over time as it is acid free. Follow these tips to make sure it lasts for decades to come!

+ If possible, take your print to the framer right away without removing from the cardboard tube.

+ When handling, wear white gloves that are lint free and designed for handling artwork.

+ If you do handle without gloves, make sure you wash and dry your hands thoroughly and only touch the white edges of the paper - do not touch the printed area as this can leave marks and damage your print.

+ The cardboard tube that your print arrives in is not suitable for long-term storage. After removing from the container, please allow time for the print to flatten under its own weight before framing.

+ Please use two hands to support the print to prevent creasing, which is irreversible. We recommend asking someone to help you.

+ When displaying prints in frames, mount them beneath glass to protect them from humidity and dust. Framed or unframed, avoid leaving prints in direct sunlight as UV rays can cause fading over time.

+ Hang your print inside only.

+ If tempted to remove any dust particles, do not blow on your print as moisture droplets can inadvertently damage your print. Be careful with dusting as even a soft cloth can damage the surface of your print. Do not use cleaning products.

Remember, a properly framed print will last up to 100 years - How's that for sustainability!